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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Kyle Morrison is releasing his album Pianometal on May 26, 2017. It is available now for pre-order on BandCamp, with the pre-order you get three tracks right away. This Atlanta based musician will blow your mind away with his vision and what he’s created on this album. It is truly a work of art.

Opening up with a track true to the album’s name, “Centrifuge” combines crashing drums, electric riffs, and introduces beautiful piano melodies into a metal medley. The piano is considered a classical instrument, right? It isn’t very often that you hear it used into metal, but this album will take this classical instrument and shed new light on how it can enhance heavy metal. “Hymn Of Blasphemy” will creates an atmosphere, so beyond comprehension, it will feel as though you have a mini-orchestra playing in your livingroom, for your own entertainment. “Mammoth” offers a true metal feel, the first track on the album that introduces deep, growling vocals, typically heard in heavy metal. The heavier vocals are complimented by softer, more feminine ones and a combination of piano, drums, and bass all of which are simply amazing and quite a bit heavier, so headbanging is sure to ensue. “Eye Of The Storm” is a bit of a softer track, but still heavily influenced by all things metal. It is much less headbangy (yeah, I just made that word up) and more groove, so you will move but whiplash is less likely to occur. “Seasons” showcases the piano a bit more, and confirms the newly found concept that the piano is as metal as an electric guitar, bass, drums, and growling - or anything that makes metal what it is for that matter.

Remember how I mentioned that you can pre-order Pianometal on BandCamp and have immediate access to three tracks? Go do that, now. Thank me later.

Pianometal rocks in a way that words can't even do it any justice - it is something that just needs to be experienced to understand. The collaborations and talent contained in this one album is truly mind boggling. Each and every song is dynamic and diverse - you don’t know what to expect next and the mystery is brilliant and no less than amazing. Pianometal is primarily instrumental, but it doesn't need lyrics or vocals; the dominance of the instruments, the beats, and melodies created by Morrison, they are so completely beautiful and wonderfully metal, that vocals would detract from its artistic brilliance. We salute you, Kyle Morrison, and every artist that contributed to Pianometal - it was truly a pleasure to listen to.

  1. Centrifuge (feat. Dirk Verbeuren and Brian Canzella)
  2. Hymn of Blasphemy (feat. Francesco Ferrini)
  3. The Cosmos I - Martian Dusk (feat. Dirk Verbeuren and Paul Jacovino)
  4. Mammoth (feat. Sean Z, Adrienne Cowan, and Sergio Pacheco)
  5. Ocean Black (feat. Elias Holmlid)
  6. The Cosmos II - Orion’s Curse (feat. Andrew Stephens)
  7. Eye Of The Storm (feat. Justin Rogers)
  8. The Cosmos III - Interstellar Survival
  9. Seasons (feat. Chet Powell)
  10. The Road To Eternity (feat. Dirk Verbeuren, Justin Rogers, and Jonathan Mullins)
  11. Mammoth (Instrumental) - Bonus Track
  12. The Road To Eternity (Orchestral) - Bonus Track

Check out Kyle Morrison here:

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on May 7, 2017
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