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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


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London’s Craven Idol is simply put old school cool.   Their second album, The Shackles of Mammon, is a trip back in time when thrash and black metal were in their infancy and metal was as heavy as it gets.  The Shackles of Mammon, available April 14th, will be available on vinyl, CD, and cassette courtesy of Dark Descent Records.

The Shackles of Mammon has deeper meaning lyrically; it paints a world under the hellish domain of Mammon, Demon of Avarice.  The album serves up heaping helpings of colorful analogies to the real world vices of man such as over dependence on technology, over indulgence in decadence, and many other social/moral shortcomings much too common in the modern world.  Somehow despite the depth and messaging, The Shackles of Mammon doesn’t come off as preachy or agenda pushing, it merely comes off as a fresh perspective on old school trash metal.  Noteworthy tracks on this killer release are: “A Ripping Strike”, “Dashed to Death”, and “Mammon Est”; all well-crafted ragers, that will get and keep the blood pumping.

The Shackles of Mammon is flat out extreme heavy metal; there is no genre blending or theatrical grandstanding, just pure lyrical rage and shredding guitars. It is pretty much as straightforward as it gets, if you like old school trash and heavy metal, then you will want to jump in the front seat and take the ride with Craven Idol.  Now, don’t take straightforward the wrong way, it doesn’t mean simple or boring, The Shackles of Mammon is anything but, it means Craven Idol didn’t care about having broad genre appeal, they stayed true to what they love…….old school trashing and shredding.  And that is not only respectable and appreciated; it is also metal as hell! 

1.    Pyromancer
2.    A Ripping Strike
3.    Black Flame Divination
4.    The Trudge
5.    Dashed to Death
6.    Mammon Est
7.    Hunger
8.    Tottering Cities of Men

Vrath – Vocals & Guitar
Obscenitor – Guitar
Suspiral – Bass
Heretic Blades – Drums

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on March 14, 2017
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