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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


South Carolina progressive metal quartet, Behind the Sun, released their debut EP Post Solis on March 10.  Despite the newness to the scene, Behind the Sun’s Post Solis is complex yet easy to take in; the vast intricacies completely unexpected from a debut EP.  Reminding one of their first listen to Mastodon, Coheed and Cambria, or Dillinger Escape Plan, Behind the Sun has something quite magical.

Post Solis is organized madness at its finest, a shining example of the beautiful structures that can be shaped from the ether of pure chaos.  Each of the five tracks on Post Solis are not only entertaining in the now, but are a promise for great things to come.  That is arguably one of the greatest attributes of this debut EP from Behind the Sun, imagining the greatness that will come next.

1.    The Fall
2.    Pangaea
3.    Scrawlings of the Architect
4.    Periapsis
5.    Laniakea

Jesse Hanak – Guitar & Vocals
Nathan Day – Drums & Vocals
Brian Sisk – Bass
Morgan Murray – Guitar & Vocals

Be sure to check out Behind the Sun here:

Written by Ken Kaizer on March 14, 2017 for Bloodrock Media
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