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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blood Region - For All the Fallen Heroes

Blood Region - For All the Fallen Heroes

Blood Region - For All the Fallen Heroes

If Slayer and In Flames formed a super group or at minimum a game of Dungeons and Dragons, Blood Reign’s newest release For All the Fallen Heroes would be either the result or what was blasting during game time. 

A magnificent blend of intense harmonic riffs, gruff and meaty vocals, and a slamming rhythm section, Blood Reign manages to be both articulate, as well as savage. For All the Fallen Heroes stands out for its distinctive balance of emotional depth, while maintaining a level of simplicity. The entire EP will inspire introspection, but isn’t preachy or pompous. For All the Fallen Heroes exudes a “this is what we are, take it or leave it” sense to it.  This message usually gets lost in translation among gruesome imagery for “shock value” and just general pretentiousness, in metal. 

It’s rare you can find an EP that can fit the mood; they rock when you wanna kick back and chill and they rock when you want to blast some shit to get hype, but Blood Reign managed to accomplish this flawlessly on For All the Fallen Heroes.  Exhibiting an amazing blend of melody and mayhem, For All the Fallen Heroes, knocks it out of the park. 

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Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on January 31, 2017