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Saturday, October 15, 2016

KIRRA – Run Away

KIRRA – Run Away

Rockers and Oklahoma natives Kirra released their debut album, Run Away, on October 7th courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.  As guitarist Daxton Page puts it with a strong emphasis on the word “rock”, meaning “straight up and raw”.   Their first EP, Sounds from an Empty Room, grabbed the attention of internet radio stations and social media fans in 2014, which prompted lead vocalist, Jesse Williamson, to continue the writing process for a full length release.

While Run Away may not appeal to the more intense metalheads, it will appeal to those that enjoy the rock of the 90’s.  It is quite reminiscent of Sound Garden and Filter, with a bit of Switchfoot and Puddle of Mudd tossed in for excitement.   Kirra may overall be a traditional rock band, but don’t let the smooth face full you with these guys, there are a handful of tracks on Run Away that shed their ‘boys next door’ persona and are pretty damn heavy.   For example, tracks such as “Chemicals” and the closer “Too Far Gone” boast delicious breakdowns and have more of an edge. 

Run Away delivers exactly what Kirra intended, straight forward rock and roll.  So many rock bands take themselves too seriously and try to force a message down fans throats, Kirra doesn’t do any of that here.  They didn’t intentionally make the album radio friendly to have the masses singing along with every track, they stayed true to themselves and put out rock and roll that most people can or have related to at some point in their lives.  That gives Run Away wide market appeal, regardless if that was their intention or not.  While it is initially tempting to brand Kirra another pop rock band that will probably get some pretty good radio play and then fizzle out, they are much more than that.  These fellas are honest, talented, and true to rock and roll music. Run Away proves that it isn’t necessary to have a lot of flash and dazzle to have a beefy, fresh, poignant, and straight shooting rock album.

Track List:

1.    Tappy Gilmore
2.    Fly
3.    Lies
4.    Lay You Down
5.    Run Away
6.    Chemicals
7.    Downfall
8.    Should’ve Been Gone
9.    Drown
10.  Stay
11.  Forgive Me
12.  Too Far Gone


Jesse Williamson – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Ryne McNeill – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Daxton Page – Lead Guitar
Zach Stafford – Drums

Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media

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